Chapter Sixteen (Part 12)

My eyes teared up as the burning of my throat grew with every new bout of vomit that came out of me. Jensen scrambled about, helpless, before running out the room and within seconds, re-entering with Lea.

“Oh snickerdoodles, this ain’t pretty.”

And yet, she reached for her phone once again and couldn’t help but to take a few quick snapshots. Jet smacked over the head with something though and she muttered, “Right, right, I’ll get to it.”

Lea handed me a plastic bag and helped steer me to the nearest bathroom, away from the boys.

“I hope Uncle Tony wasn’t planning on getting it on with Aunt Claire tonight cause let me tell you; that’s not going to happen for sure.”

I wanted to get my hands around her neck. How she found it a suitable time to joke was beyond me, especially when she was supporting a sick, and quickly paling sister of hers. But no matter the situation, I’d realized over the years that Lea would continue to be Lea.

She opened the bathroom door near the end of the corridor and with an arm around my waist, helped me towards the toilet. While I continued parading my insides out having tossed the bag aside now, she held my hair back and continued to yap on in the background.

I caught bits of her explaining how she had been listening in on the whole conversation between me and Jensen. At some point, while I projectile vomited what had a remarkable similarity to the taste of the Nutella sandwhich she’d made for me earlier on in the day, Lea told me how charming and sexy Jensen was. Throughout it all, I squeezed my eyes shut and waited for the torture to end.


The End

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