Chapter Sixteen (Part 11)

Just when Jensen was delving into more European of techniques, I felt something rise in the back of my throat. Without ado, I shoved him off me hard, gasping for breath.

“What’s wrong?” The alarm was clear on his face, mixing in with guilt. “I’m sorry if I got carried away in the moment. I won’t do that again.”

I shook my head at him hard. He could get as carried away as he wanted to, I wouldn’t mind. One of my hands immediately flew to my mouth, feeling that awful sensation start at the bottom of my stomach and slowly make its way upwards. Beads of sweat broke out over my forehead and I knew what was going to happen. Jensen didn’t, and this was exactly what didn’t stop him from taking a step forward and putting his hands on my shoulders.

“Roxie, you’re worrying me.”

Deep breaths girl, you just need to breathe. I was scared to open my mouth and tried to push Jensen away from me but he wouldn’t budge.

Concern thick in his voice, he repeated, “What’s wrong? Tell me.”

You know what they say about actions being more effective than words? This is one such example where words would have sufficed. I tried with all my strength to swallow the bile down in the back of my throat but I felt like a human version of Pompeii - unstoppable.

I ducked my head, hands flying to my knees for support as the content from earlier meals and snacks came pouring out of my mouth in the most unpleasant of forms. I tried to aim it as far away from Jensen as I could but my mouth was not some kind of barf-cannon that could be maneuvered away. That’s exactly how more than half of the vomit had managed to land on his great, and I hope not expensive, suit. The putrid stench filled the air as I continued to empty my stomach, right onto my future boyfriend who made an effort to move away without looking inconsiderate.

The End

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