Chapter Sixteen (Part 9)

It was the perfect moment for me to reach out to him and give him a good old pat on the shoulder for being such a gentleman. Most guys that I knew wouldn’t really care about things like that, but Jensen wasn’t most guys. As I stood there rooted to the spot like a dumbstruck doofus, he stared at me with eyebrows mashed together, waiting for me to say something.

Not long after, he released his breath and said, “It intimidated me, okay? Having to meet your entire family in one night before we were properly even a couple. Your parents, I would have been comfortable with. But your aunts and uncles, your cousins, and everyone else? I didn’t think I could deal with that much pressure to impress everyone.”

“Impress everyone?” I started laughing softly, causing him to glare at me. But the death glare melted away when I closed the distance between us, giving him a warm hug. “Silly you. You don’t even need to try, you just have to be yourself.”

“Typical answer,” Jensen retorted sarcastically and I smiled a little as he tried to remain serious.

“It’s true though. You make everyone fall in love with you, it’s just this magical, and sometimes completely annoying ability you have.”

His laugh echoed off the walls of the room as he finally gave up the façade and hugged me back, his arms going around my waist and pressing me closer into his warmth. “Well it didn’t work that well on you for about a gazillion years.”

“That’s cause I’m a rock.” Grinning, I rested my chin on his chest and looked up at him. “And if you ever say you’re not good enough again, I will bonk you over the head with one. Because you’re as close to perfection as could be.”

Pulling back a little, Jensen arched an eyebrow and examined me like he was a doctor checking on his patient. Cupping my chin, he tilted my head from side to side before saying teasingly, “Are you still hung up on those martinis?”

“Nope,” I chirped happily. “Even if I was, I wouldn’t lie about this.”

The End

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