Chapter Sixteen (Part 8)

“First off, I want to apologize.”

I snorted.

“Roxanne.” This time it was no longer a request but a demand as he turned me around firmly to face him. His eyes held heartfelt sincerity as he gripped me by the shoulders, urging me to feel whatever he was trying to convey. I tried to focus on just that, instead of how perfect his hair looked, how perfect he looked tonight.

“I mean it. It’s not that I didn’t want to be your date to the reunion.”

“Then what was it?” I didn’t break eye contact. I wanted to be fierce, and strong about all this, not an intoxicated wimp (at least not any more). “Had you just thought you could suck face with me any time you wanted but not be in a proper relationship?”

My bluntness worked well as his eyebrows shot up into his forehead. “Um...” It didn’t stop me from going on. Pushing his hands off of my shoulders, I crossed them in front of my chest and rambled on.

“Or was it that you thought you were too good to be seen as my date in front of my family? Because let me tell you something; you can’t just play games like that with girls, especially not me. We have feelings you know? And-”

“I thought I’m not good enough.”

That stopped me mid-way through my rant. What did he mean by that? I didn’t have to word my thoughts out loud for him to interpret the expression on my face. With a sigh, he crossed his arms across his chest and gazed out the window, instead of me.

He spoke in a mumble as he said, “Look, I was honored that you wanted me to be your escort to the reunion, and I still am! But we haven’t even been on our first proper date together.”

He pressed his lips together, looking back at me as if expecting me to understand exactly what he was saying and just nod along to it. I didn’t. What did that have anything to do with him ‘not being good enough’?


Jensen rubbed his brows together in frustration. “You don’t get it, do you?”

“I really don’t. We’ve known each other for years now. I hardly think a date would be a necessary step for you to be my plus one to a reunion.”

There was something more to it and Jensen didn’t hold back. With a grunt, he said speedily, “If I was to be introduced as your boyfriend to your family, I’d want it to be absolutely perfect so that they’d fall in love with me. Because what they think of me matters.”

The End

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