Chapter Sixteen (Part 6)

The best thing about dreaming is that for a few blissful hours I don't have to be aware of how much of a blundering idiot I really am. Unfortunately, I regained consciousness and found myself on a bed, head nestled comfortably against a pillow. I didn’t open my eyes more than just a little bit of a squint. My forehead throbbed, and for a moment, I just lay there with my eyes closed. And just like that, the night's events came tumbling back. I shot off the bed, my feet landing noisily on the hardwood floor. Oh God; what am I going to tell my family?

Stroking my temples to relieve the pain, I tried not to think about how happy they’d all looked in the limo, and how utterly humiliated they must be feeling right now about their drunken daughter who’d passed out halfway throughout the night. Lea was absolutely right; I had issues. Imagining Jensen had showed up while in my drunken state, I mean how desperate is that?

“You’re up.”

“Holy-!” I whirled behind to see Lea sat on an armchair, hands folded on her lap as she gazed at me with a rather bored expression on her face. Clutching my chest, I waited for my heart to calm down as I scolded her. “Don’t do things like that, you scared me!”

She ignored me though, standing up and walking over. “You’ve been sleeping like a baby for the past two hours. Do you feel any better?”

“Migraine,” I muttered. “What happened? Did I just pass out on the floor of the bar?”

“Pretty much.” Lea grinned at me. “It was a sight to behold. I took a picture of it.”

I glared at my sister. “Rather than helping me out?”

“That came later.”

I sighed and crashed back against the bed, closing my eyes. “I bet everyone’s making fun of me downstairs.”

“Nah, I dealt with it,” Lea brushed it off.

I opened one eye and peeked at her. “How?”

“Blamed it on the bartender of course.”


“Let me just go tell mom and dad that you’re not dead. They were worried out of their mind. You know mom blames dad for this? Says he got you into the drinking habit because of all those times he’d asked you to join him out in the veranda after work.”

I smiled a bit at that and replied, “Okay, I’ll just be in here. Head still hurts a lot.”


The End

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