Chapter Sixteen (Part 1)


I'd never had a date for prom. It's not something that bothers me though, that I went date-less, without a handsome man in a tuxedo by my side. Rather, my best friends had dragged me to prom, practically on their knees; begging for me to go with them. Romance was not a priority and the idea of dancing the night away while dressed in a beautiful gown that would make me look utterly ravishing did not appeal to me. No, I just wanted to stay home and game all night (finally after finishing school once and for all)! The very idea of me doing just that disgusted Nancy and Drew, who then proceeded to find me a dress at the last-minute and kidnap me to a night of 'fun'. Drew acted as both our dates, getting me a corsage and dancing with me as well. On the inside though, I knew he didn't count as my date. Which was perfectly fine with me.

But at this moment, standing in front of the mirror in my room and staring back at a girl who looked like absolute perfection (if I may say so myself), my heart twisted painfully. I'd tried so hard over the past few weeks to escape Lea's ploys to match-make me and find the perfect date for the reunion. Now I had him...but he wasn't here. Why wasn't he here?

"We're going to leave in about five minutes; are you ready?" The sound of Lea entering the room broke my focus away from my reflection as I turned around to face her. Her eyes widened at the sight of me as she clapped her hands together in delight and took a step forward, forgetting about her question entirely. "You good. I can't even find the words to describe it!"

"Thanks," I said with a smile, smoothing the dress down. "Thanks for buying it for me."

I turned back to look into the mirror, Lea appearing behind me. We'd both decided to wear the dresses we'd got that day at the mall. The silk hugged Lea's form beautifully, making her look like a proper young woman which was a rare sight to behold. A small sequined design of spirals ran through the dress from top to bottom, matching her curly hair which hung on one side of her shoulder, to show the flashy diamond earrings she wore.

I wore the exact same dress, in black instead of red. The smoky eye shadow that Lea had applied on me further brought out my grey eyes, transforming them from dull to lively-looking stars. Since I was taller and not as curvaceous as Lea, the silk seemed to flow down gracefully, stopping just at my feet.

"Royalty; you look like a princess of the night," Lea said with a grin.

"Well, why won't the moon come out and shine on me then?"

"Because the moon's a jackass that doesn't know what he's missing." Lea stepped forward to stand in front of me and pushed the few strands of my hair that were out of place, back behind my shoulder. "You look beautiful. If Jensen's not here to witness that, it's his loss."

The End

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