Chapter Fifteen (Part 15)

"Well then?" Lea glared at Jensen, resting her hands on her hips and looking him up and down like a hawk as if she was weighing up the possibility of whether or not she'd be able to take him on. "Aren't you going to say something?"

Jensen didn't so much as flinch upon hearing Lea use that tone. Instead, he just shrugged and said, "Roxanne doesn't want to go, so I'm not taking her. And I'm not going to allow you, Lea, to use me as bait. Okay?"

Without another word or look in my direction, he pushed past my sister and her boyfriend and made his way back inside. Jet followed him in, shooting one last glance over his shoulder at me as if to say 'this is not over'. I knew what he was going to do. He would talk to Jensen and convince him into taking me. Although I had no interest in going to the family reunion whatsoever, I couldn't help but wonder myself why Jensen had hesitated so much.

Turning to Lea with a frown on my face, I said, "Don't think that this changes anything."

"Hmm?" Her eyes were fixed on the glass doors, lips pressed firmly together in anger. I knew that look; that's how she reacted when things didn't go the way she wanted them to. Grabbing Lea's shoulders, I snapped her out of it. Her eyes met mine, confused as to why I was shaking her like crazy. But I was mad too.

"I'm not going to the reunion. Why is that such a hard fact for you to deal with? Even Dad is okay with me not going but you have been pushing and forcing me to find a date for the reunion so we could go together."

Dropping my hands back to my side, I decided not to say more in fear of exploding completely up on her. She'd driven me crazy the whole summer going on about the 'special day'. Well, I was sick and tired of hearing it.

The End

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