Chapter Fifteen (Part 14)

It was like everything went into slow motion all of a sudden. Jet slowly wiggled his eyebrows at me, that grin transforming before my eyes from happy to a victorious one of having achieved something pure evil. Lea turned back to me, her green orbs lighting up like fireworks.

"Oh yeeeeaaaaaahhhhh!"

She dragged out each syllable, letting the excitement hang in the air for as long as it possibly could. My attention was solely on Jet who didn't take his eyes off of my face either, analysing what must be going through my head. And he knew exactly what I was thinking by the way my lips pressed together tightly as the color drained out of my face.

Oh, how I wanted to murder him.

"What's the reunion?"

Jensen's voice from beside me snapped me back from the image unfolding in my head; which involved a billion or so knives and a helpless Jet pleading for mercy - oh and of course me, cackling while lightning in the background lit up the dark alley we were in. But now was not the time to dream, no. Now was the time to deal with the situation at hand.

Tearing my eyes away from Jet,  I looked at Jensen over my shoulder and said, "Our family is having a reunion. It's a family tradition of sorts, where every year, every single member of the Storm family comes together and hello's and stuff. It's really boring."

Confusion spread across his face. "Then why does it matter if we're together or not?"

"Because," Lea interrupted, grinning from ear to ear, "I didn't want her to show up for another reunion date-less. And we've been hunting for a potential date since like...forever! And now that you two have gotten to the point of making kissy faces at each other, why not go together?"

I sighed, running my hand through my hair in frustration. What was the big deal with her and the reunion? Even though I'd wanted to keep it a secret from her that Jensen and I were together, I'd only wanted to keep it a secret until the day after the big event was over. I would have told her then, I would have told everyone! If only Jensen hadn't kept his little mouth shut.

"Erm, so, when is the reunion exactly?" Jensen asked, glancing at me in concern.

"Day after tomorrow!"


An awkward silence followed. Lea smiled at Jensen, as if expecting him to say it with all the enthusiasm in the world. To say that he'd take me to the reunion, but she waited, Jet waited and even I did at a point. But with every minute that passed, the silence grew bigger and bigger.

The End

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