Chapter Fifteen (Part 13)

At a point in time, I had seriously considered wrestling. I don't mean the kind of wrestling that people do for fun with their brothers and sisters. I don't even mean the kind of wrestling that Lea unleashes on me and on a few other unlucky people when all hell breaks loose. I mean real-life wrestling. I'll never forget the day when I came back to  school after the amazing summer camp experience with Jensen, Nancy and Drew. Walking in on that first day and seeing flyers everywhere, literally everywhere of the new 'branch' of the P.E. department that had opened up: wrestling.

Of course, I hadn't taken it. Nancy justified that learning wrestling is not a 'girl-thing'. That I would be forever alone for the rest of my life, scaring away all the guys due to the ability I would possess to kick their sorry butts. I came to regret ever having listened to her every single time Lea got her hands on me.

Now, standing opposite Jensen, all I wanted to do was jump on him and beat the crap out of his beautiful butt. I actually might have made a move and done just that, if the very next moment, the door hadn't slammed open.


I didn't even have time to turn and look at her because the next second, Lea threw her arms around my shoulders, burying her face in my neck. It took me a while to realize she wasn't strangling me. No...she was embracing me like this was the best news she'd heard in her life.

"Lea," I whispered, pushing her away gently. "I'm sorry we didn't tell you but-"

"Oh, posh-tosh! I'm the second one to know; that's good enough for me!" She sniffed, wiping away her tears of joy and then beamed at me and Jensen with one of her brightest smiles yet. She took hold of my hand and brought me closer to Jensen, pushing us together.

"Can I be your minister when you two get married?" She asked, peering up at us with goo-goo eyes.

Jensen and I laughed in nervousness, and I patted her arm kindly. "There, there. Calm yourself down Lea."

She didn't though. She just babbled on, and I could barely keep up with what she was saying. Before the end of the minute, she'd already decided where Jensen and I would live and raise our kids of which we'd have three, two girls and a boy. Jet grinned at me from behind her and by the happiness on his face, I could also tell how relieved he was now that there were no secrets to be kept from his lovely partner.

If this was his revenge, well played Jet. But...he'd been right. Lea deserved to know. That's why I simply smiled at him and shrugged happily. I'd made a mistake in thinking that was all Jet had on mind.

Still grinning like a baboon, he stepped forward and wrapped his around her waist before saying in an overly-delighted voice, "I am proud to declare that Louie did not die in vain my love."

"Indeed!" Lea clapped, laughing.

"Because now," he paused, his blue eyes meeting mine. They rippled in unspoken excitement as he winked before continuing, "you can take Roxanne to the reunion."

The End

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