Chapter Fifteen (Part 12)

"Jeez, talk about touchy!" I muttered angrily under my breath. "Never knew it was in Jet to blow up over something so small like a freaking plate."

It took a while for Jensen's attention to focus back to me. His eyes were fixed on the door, peering beyond the glass into the room on the other side. I had to pinch him lightly to get him to look at me and when he did, he was frowning. The frown vanished as soon as his eyes met mine though, replaced by a teasing grin.

"Funny you should say that the moment Jet leaves. You looked like you were going to burst into tears when he was having a go at us both."

I scowled and crossed my arms in front of my chest defensively. "Well," I said, lifting my chin up higher up in the air so I could look Jensen straight in the eyes, "I was taken by surprise. The Jet I saw just now is not the Jet I've known."

Jensen coughed sarcastically, and continued to get on my nerves with his mockery. But I dropped the act, my arms falling back to my sides as I stared at my reflection on the glass. Reliving the past couple minutes in my head, I couldn't help but question: had Jet just threatened me? And what was that bit about secrets? He'd aimed that towards Jensen but what secret could he possibly be in on that Jensen knew of and didn't want to tell Lea?


Whirling around to face Jensen, I punched him hard on the shoulder, cutting his mockery short with a loud 'ow!'

"You told him, didn't you?"

Jensen's eyes widened as he rubbed the side of his arm, before he recomposed it into a poker face. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

I stepped closer to him, and if it weren't for my short stature next to his, I would have passed off as more menacing than funny. I hissed, "So much for keeping it a secret Jensen."

After last night's big revelation, I'd dropped any accusations I'd had towards Jensen for breaking promises. But staring at him now, with his lips twitching as he fought a smile and the light in his eyes growing more mischievous with every passing second; I discovered that this boy could not keep a secret.

The End

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