Chapter Fifteen (Part 11)

Everything was a rush from that moment onwards. The four of us worked together to pick up every last remaining shard of the plate from the ground, making sure it was spotless of Louie's remains. Although Jensen and I were both lightly amused by how seriously this situation had been taken on by the other couple, Jet was not at all happy with our behaviour. He made this exceptionally clear when he grabbed me by my arm and marched us away to the balcony after settling Lea into the living room.

Slamming the glass door behind him, Jet turned to face us, arms folding in front of his chest. It was the last thing that was supposed to be on my mind but I couldn't help but notice the slight bulge of muscle as he flexed his arm, lips tightly pressed together in anger.

"Have you been working out stick-man?" I joked without thinking of the consequences. Jensen jabbed me hard on the side as Jet's eyes narrowed into tiny little slits, the anger radiating from within.

"You think this is funny?"

A sheen of sweat broke out on the surface of my palms. I'd never heard Jet use that tone on me, or on anyone. Opening my mouth, I attempted a reply, "U-um, n-n-not reall-"

"Your sister is upset. Does that amuse your freaking heart?"

What I did was pure instinct, moving closer to Jensen and pressing against his side in an attempt to hide away from Jet. From the corner of my eye, I saw Jensen's lips lift upwards in a secret smile but that smile vanished too quick.

"And you, Sterling! After all that Lea's done to try to help fix the whole dilemma that's been going on with you and Roxanne, this is how you thank her?"

Jensen's arms tightened around me but he didn't say anything. Instead, he looked away, refusing to meet Jet's steaming gaze. But Jet wasn't done. I could tell he was making a strong effort to keep his voice in control as he went on, cornering Jensen and me.

"You could have at least been careful; you know how much I hate keeping secrets from her!"

Secrets? What secrets?

Confused, I decided to speak up and said, "Look, Jet. I know breaking that plate-"

"Louie," he hissed.

"-Louie was horrible and that nothing Jensen and I can do can repay for the memories that plate must have given you and Lea. We're sorry, okay? We really are. But cut us some slack. It's not like we did it on purpose."

In seconds, Jet was inches from my face, forcing me closer against Jensen who I could have sworn chuckled. "Just wait and see how sorry you'll be."

And with that, he turned his back on us and stormed away.

The End

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