Chapter Fifteen (Part 9)

But just as the intensity was beginning to reach the peak, it came to a disappointing end. One of my hands had disentangled itself from around his shoulder, sliding down and playing with the buttons of his shirt impatiently. Jensen smiled against my lips, pulling away for a short second.

“Aren’t you eager?” He teased in the midst of his ragged breaths.

“Well, I don’t see you stopping me.”

I had him and he knew it. He raised an eyebrow at me before nodding and saying, “Challenge accepted.”

The next second, he’d lifted me clean off the counter. My yelp of surprise was muffled against his lips, and all I could do to react was wrap my legs around his waist quickly as my hand slipped from his shirt and flew to clutch him tightly around his shoulders. It was then that our little piece of heaven fell apart; literally.

All was well one second, but the next, the sound of breaking glass echoed off the walls of the kitchen. Without a second thought, I dropped down to the ground and pushed Jensen away from me, hard. I barely had a good three seconds to register the alarmed expression on his face before turning to see Lea and Jet storm into the kitchen.

“What in the world was th- oh poopie.”

Because there on the ground, was a beautiful glass plate that had only just been recently redeemed and shined back to life, shattered into a dozen pieces.  

I tried to inhale quick breaths of air as inconspicuously as I could, trying to reassemble the mess that was my hair as the now unhappy couple surveyed the deceased member of Jet’s kitchen. Jensen shot me a meaningful look, as if to say ‘how graceful of you, knocking it over!’ I glared back at him. It was entirely his fault, sweeping me off the counter like that without a warning! But of course, I had to have an alibi at the ready; I couldn’t tell Lea and Jet that the boy she’s been trying to match-make me with forever had just been kissing the daylights out of her one and only sister.

“What the heck happened?” Jet asked, turning around with a frown on his face. Oh dear, he was upset. I didn’t blame him.

The End

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