Chapter Fifteen (Part 8)

We waited till we could no longer hear them before bursting into a fit of giggles.

“Just imagine how they would be acting if they knew,” Jensen sniggered, moving closer till he was standing right in front of me.

“Lea would be dragging us out for double dates and you can picture how that would be.”

Jensen opened his mouth and paused dramatically, leaning forwards, before stating, “I truly cannot.”

I grinned at him. This all felt so natural. The both of us hanging out and joking around like this, it felt almost wrong that we hadn’t had this in ages. Jensen smoothly placed both arms on either side of my waist, trapping me against the counter.

Smiling, almost a bit cockily, he leaned in even closer. “You didn’t let the cat out of the bag so far, did you?”

I squeaked, “N-no.” Get a grip Roxanne! I cleared my throat and placed a hand on his chest, gently stopping him from coming any closer. I knew he enjoyed the effect he was having on me though; I could tell his intention was to tease me. “Although, if they walked in on us now, you can’t blame me for them finding out.”

“Hmm…” Jensen’s voice rumbled from deep within his chest, and that made me even more aware of him. “But if they knew…then I wouldn’t have to kiss you in secret, would I?” He raised his hand and caressed the side of my face, setting it on fire.

Intoxicated: that’s the perfect word for how I felt at that exact moment. I didn’t have the strength to hold him back anymore, not when he looked at me with those teasing dark eyes, and the upward curve of his lips; a smile reserved just for me. I muttered a foul curse under my breath, my hand grabbing a fistful of his shirt and pulled him in.

His mouth descended on mine and it was nothing like last night. The kiss teetered on the edge of desperation. It was a repetition of hot, hungry and fevered touches of our lips as his hands found their way to my waist, pulling me closer into him and making it easier for me to wrap my arms around his shoulders.

With every passing second, the desire ignited within and collided with the sensation of his lips on mine creating something entirely different. The urgency of our kisses grew as his hands knotted in my hair, holding me to him as close as he possibly could. The rest of the world just seemed to fade away every time he touched me and I never wanted to come back if it meant letting go of Jensen.

The End

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