Chapter Fifteen (Part 7)

To say that Jensen was gorgeous was an understatement, and a huge one at that. Even when we’d been younger, he’d always been able to pull off looking good in anything he wore. That talent of his hadn’t changed over the years either. Looking at him now, leaning over the sink and cleaning up after a lazy Jet, any girl would be going bonkers.

He wore a tight-fitting black shirt that looked absolutely great on him, bringing out his muscles. Not to mention his hair. That hair, though. It looked so silky, and I hadn’t noticed till this moment but it had grown out a bit, the black strands curling at the end into the nape of his neck. When I was younger, I’d always wondered if he used some special conditioner and it took me ages to gather up the guts to ask him. When I had, he’d laughed it off like I was being silly.

“So what was that voicemail about?”

I snapped out of my secret adoration and focused on what he was asking me. Jensen had finished cleaning up and was now drying his hands on the towel, smiling at me. Had he caught me staring at him?

“The voicemail? That…oh. Yeah. Basically, I just wanted to ask you if you’d be-”

“They’re both going to kill us,” Jet’s voice sounded from the other side of the door, and soon it swung open. Jensen and I both turned to face the couple as they walked in, eyeing Jensen and I suspiciously probably checking to see if their plan was successful.

“So…what have you two been talking about?” Lea asked in an artificially high voice, grinning at me and Jensen and wiggling her eyebrows.

Thank the heavens that Jensen and I had decided not to tell anyone about us, especially her. Jensen must have been thinking along the same lines because when I looked at him, he was trying hard to suppress the laughter.

“Just…finished doing the dishes. Thanks for helping me Roxanne.” He gave me an official nod.

I answered, just as formally, “You’re very welcome Jensen.”

Lea groaned loudly before grabbing Jet’s arm and yanking him back out the way they’d come in. “Clearly ten minutes wasn’t enough for cupid to hit the two with a bloody arrow,” I heard her grumble, and I’m pretty certain that Jet was groaning in pain. Poor guy.

The End

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