Chapter Fifteen (Part 5)

“So did you girls rest well this morning?” Jet asked, putting his arm around his girlfriend. They were both snuggled up on the loveseat that they’d bought together while I sat opposite them on the other side of the room, on the much longer couch.

“Yeah, that camping trip really wore us all out didn’t it?” I said, stretching.

Lea nodded, snuggling her head in the nook of Jet’s neck and closing her eyes. Jet smiled over at me and I returned the joy. It was challenging to be anything but happy around those two; their love pretty much conquered the whole room, wherever they went off together.

“So, any big plans for today?” I asked Jet.

He opened his mouth to answer but was interrupted by a loud clattering noise from the kitchen that made me jump. Lea, on the other hand, must have fallen asleep as she didn’t so much as flinch.

“Can you be a dear and go check on that for me Roxanne?” Jet asked, looking over his shoulder at the kitchen door with concern. “I think I’d left the window open; a bird must have flown in or something.”

I raised an eyebrow. How Jet expected me to chase a bird out of the kitchen alone, I do not know but with a shrug, I said, “Sure,” and stood up and walked towards the kitchen. I could hear the sound of something moving inside the kitchen.

“Okay Roxie, you can do this,” I whispered to myself, took a deep breath before swinging the door open and jumping in, expecting to get into a fight with the bloody creature.

But there was no bird flapping its crazy wings around and wreaking havoc in the kitchen. The windows were firmly shut, and everything was in its place. Well, except for one thing. Because there stood before me was Jensen, hands covered in soapy bubbles, holding a glass plate. A pile of bowls and utensils were neatly washed and arranged on the surface of the counter except for one bowl which was tipped over; that must have been the noise, he’d simply knocked one over.

The End

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