Chapter Fifteen (Part 4 )

Jet might not look like a king, but he certainly lived like one and not in the usual sense either. Unlike Lea and I, he didn’t come from a rich family or live in luxury. In fact he rarely had enough money on his hands, earning most from gigs he did with his band and working two jobs at the same time (although he’d taken a break for the summer). Lea did try to support him financially but I guess it was the male ego that kicked in there; that he wanted to go it alone, and that he could take care of himself without her help. He proved that he could over time.

Setting step into his house was like a blow to the stomach each time. Jet was a good role model, in the sense that he was close to my age and had already achieved so much. He had his own place, small as it was but still quite cozy, and he’d decided university wasn’t his scene and pursued music with his gang while simultaneously balancing his social life, and earning money. How was that possible? Fierce determination and a strong will that’s hard to resolve.

When the door swung open, Jet was on the other side. His usually untidy blonde hair was neatly combed, and he was wearing a full sleeve shirt with just one button undone, and dark blue jeans.

“Your boyfriend’s made an effort to look presentable today,” I whispered to Lea, nudging her with a grin and she shot me a stern look before turning to give him a smile and kiss. After sharing a brief but romantic ‘hello’ with the love of his amazing life, Jet gave me a hug and then stepped back to let us in.

The front door directly opens up to the living room which is snug and comfortable with three couches forming a crescent-like curve around the television. Directly behind the living room was the kitchen, connected by a brightly painted yellow door (courtesy of Lea), and to the right, a small staircase leading upstairs to his bedroom and bathroom.

It was a nice place, and I could even picture Lea living here with him once they were married. She’d talked about it a few times, with the dreamiest expression on her face and as we settled ourselves down in the living room, I knew by the twinkle in her happy green eyes that she wouldn’t mind that at all.

The End

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