Chapter Fifteen (Part 2)

The Storm family reunion: I admit, I’d lied back there. It was indeed a very big deal. Everyone in the family showed up. Cousins, aunts, grandparents even. Some of the business partners of father would also be invited and since it happened only just once a year, it was celebrated in the grandest fashion. I could understand why Lea wanted me to come along; I too knew in the end that backing out would require a lot of convincing and sucking up to my parents. But I didn’t know why she kept nagging at me to bring a date.

Okay, it was true that our relatives had sort of labelled me as ‘a sad, and deeply disturbed little girl’ just because I didn’t show up with one each year. Lea always said it was my opportunity to show off how awesome I was doing to everyone, but I never knew that more than fifty percent of that awesomeness rested in my relationship status.

Heaving a sigh, I stopped walking and sat down on a patch of grass. Taking my phone out of my pocket, I flicked through my contact list before coming to a stop in front of the name I was searching for: Jensen.

It was strange, how after all these years of holding my anger and frustration towards this one boy, the story had changed completely overnight. Now, here I sat, staring at his phone number and contemplating whether or not I should give him a call. What harm could it do me anyways?

I held the phone tightly against my ear, my heart pounding nervously at the very idea of just hearing Jensen’s voice again. I felt like a kid again whenever I had the rushes of excitement at the very thought of Jensen. It was that very excitement that had me on edge as the ring went on…but he wasn’t picking up. After two more rings, it got directed to voicemail.

The End

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