Chapter Fifteen (Part 1)


After a number of years, Jensen and I made a mutual promise to each other last night and it was one we were both intent on keeping: to make sure none of the others found out about what had happened between us. We’d both agreed that they’d all make way too big a deal of it, and for now, it was best to keep things quiet. On the other hand, even though we’d kissed, and had come to the decision that Jensen would proceed; we hadn’t defined exactly how.

When we’d returned to the campfire, Jensen and I informed the others that we’d made up with each other, for good this time, and that we were friends again. The secret smile we’d exchanged immediately after was proof that we were more than just friends. Nevertheless, although my confusion had been cleared about the past and everything that had happened, it had been replaced by confusion about the future. So were Jensen and I together now? Or had the kiss just been a ‘make-up’ gesture of sorts? And what exactly was he going to proceed with, and when?

“Are you even listening to me?”

I snapped out of my thoughts and looked up. Lea stood a few feet away, arms crossed in front of her chest, eyes narrowed at me. We were in my room, with her pacing up and down the length of it while I lay on my bed, on my stomach, facing her. I’d been far too absorbed in my river of thoughts to pay attention to her, but of course, it was natural instinct to lie.

“Oh…er, yeah, sure I’m listening,” I answered with a casual shrug,

“Oh really? What was the last thing I said?”

“You asked me if I was listening to you.”

Lea glared at me murderously. “Don’t act smart with me Roxanne, especially not in a time like this. The grandest party of the summer is two days from now, and you are not one bit prepared.”

I rolled my eyes at my sister and turned over onto my back, looking straight up at the ceiling. “You’re making such a big deal about the reunion. Honestly, not having a date is a perfectly normal thing. Besides, I might just tell our parents that I’m not going.”

“Not going?!” Lea screeched. I felt the mattress shift beneath me with new weight added upon it and soon enough, Lea’s frizzy red hair was right in my face as she loomed above me. “You are definitely going to the reunion with me whether you like it or not. You don’t have a say in this. And secondly, not showing up is worse! Those dreadful Miller girls will point and laugh at me for having a no-show sister!”

I opened my mouth to say something but I couldn’t get a word in edgewise as Lea rambled on in desperation, her hands shaking me.

“I’d been counting on you and Jensen getting the action on last night but nope; all you two had done was renew your friendship.”

If only she knew. Grunting, I shook Lea off of me (with a lot of effort, I might add) and stood up.

“Where you going?” Lea called after me but I simply raised my hand and gave her the peace sign before walking out of my bedroom. I decided a walk would do me good as I made my way out the house and towards the massive family garden, more like our very own park.


The End

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