Chapter Fourteen (Part 14)

This was it.

This was the kiss I’d spent a majority of my pre-teen years dreaming of. My body registered the feeling far before my mind did. Jensen’s lips were softer than I’d ever dreamt they’d be as they pressed firmly yet tenderly against mine. His hand cupped the side of my face, fingers brushing over my cheeks setting off firework-like-tingles all over me.

Now that it was finally happening, a part of me found it hard to believe. Not even when his arm around my waist pulled me even closer until we were practically chest to chest. Not even when his hands ran through my hair and tilted my head ever so slightly to deepen the kiss. Not even when he stopped kissing me for the shortest of seconds to catch his breath, resting his forehead against mine.

My hands had slipped beneath his coat, holding onto the smooth fabric of his shirt beneath. And as my lips hoped and craved for another kiss, I could feel the beat of his heart; fast and frantic. I wasn’t scared to return to reality when I opened my eyes and met his warm gaze.

“My point is,” he whispered, sounding quite breathless, “that I don’t mind skipping a few steps. And I would like to know if you’d be okay with me proceeding this way.”

After a kiss like that, does he even need to ask? I opened my mouth to give him my approval, trying to sound as diplomatic and not overly-eager as possible. “Whatever…I mean sure!” I cleared my throat, “That should be okay.”

Jensen’s face lit up as he smiled at me. “Brilliant.”

He pushed me up against the tree behind me in the gentlest of ways, careful not to hurt me before taking my hands in his. I looked up at him with a growing smile and trembling heart. Nevertheless, one thing had to be said for the sake of being polite.

“Shouldn’t we be going back? To the others, I mean?” It was the last thing I wanted to do. One look at me was all it took, and Jensen read my mind, giving me the answer I wanted to hear.

He smiled and leant forwards, pressing a kiss against my forehead. His lips moved against my skin as he traced his way down to the corner of my mouth. “They can afford to wait a few more minutes.” Pausing, he then added, “I’ve done my share of waiting though.”

Without a second to spare, Jensen kissed me again. And a few more times after that. I simply wrapped my arms around him and gripped the moment as tightly as I could, wanting to make it last forever, even if it meant not stopping to breathe when it felt like my heart was going to die out in my chest.

If there’s one thing I’d learnt from tonight, it was this: forget what I’d said before. Jensen Sterling had totally, so completely, cracked the case.

The End

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