Chapter Fourteen (Part 10)

I wasn't sure if I'd hiccupped out loud or if my heart had just flipped over in my chest when he'd said that.

"I thought it would be the easiest thing in the world once I moved away. But I couldn't forget you, not even a little bit. At first, I thought it was the annoyance I felt towards you, that bitter reminder of how our friendship had ended. But it took me years to realize that I was wrong. It wasn't my 'hatred' that made me think of you every day. It was the exact opposite."

My heart was definitely doing some serious flipping now.

Jensen's hand rubbed away the last of my tears. He seemed a lot closer now with perfect vision. A lot closer. Yet, I hung onto each word he had to say, finding it hard to believe that this was all real and happening.

"I knew I had to see you again and I did - on that blind date. I wasn't going to give up a chance like that to be close to you again, and up until one point, I thought things would get fixed between us without all this having to come out in the open. Up until Zach entered the picture."

I would have giggled. Under normal circumstances, I would have giggled like a school girl and had the smuggest expression on my face. Jensen Sterling was jealous of Zach. Of course he was, it was so obvious from the way he'd acted that night of the party up until today during the car ride, completely ignoring me. Yet, hearing him admit it gave me a different kind of satisfaction. I tried not to smile as he went on.

"Seeing you two kiss; I didn't like it at all. I hate the guy, not just now but before as well. He was a total dweeb back in middle school, and he hasn’t changed one bit.” Jensen frowned, then asked me, in an almost accusatory tone, “What do you see in him anyways?”

He watched me intensely. I could read the thoughts he was having simply by looking at him: ‘what does Zach have that I don’t; the guy is such a sleaze-ball. How could she pick him over me?’ Deciding to put his misery to an end, I finally admitted it.

“I don’t see anything in him.”

Jensen blinked, his hand twitching slightly before dropping from the side of my face. Though I missed the warmth of his palm against my cheek, it didn’t stop me from smiling and going on to explain.

“I never liked Zach, not in the way you think I did.”

“Then…why did you-”

“It was a dare, okay? I didn’t really have much of a choice, and trust me, the kiss was not the tiniest bit enjoyable for me.”

Jensen grinned, finally. “That’s a relief to hear.”

The End

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