Chapter Fourteen (Part 9)

It felt like a slap to the face. My eyes started to water involuntarily. No, I was not going to cry. This was stupid. Crying is for idiots and he already thought I was a major idiot, I didn't need to give him the satisfaction of proof. I took another step away from Jensen, hoping that he would not see.

"I made Nancy and Drew promise not to tell you the truth. What was the point anyways, it's not like we'd be seeing each other again. I'd be gone and out of your life and soon, all you'd become was just another memory, another person who I'd once known."

My vision begun to blur, the words 'arrogant', 'resent', and 'just another memory' echoing in my mind. The tears begun to fall and thankfully, the darkness around protected me from his view. But he heard it in my voice as it quivered when I surrendered. "You were never the coward. I am. And you're right, I should have given you another chance."

"Roxanne." His voice was softer. He wasn't yelling at me anymore.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have brought this all up. It was a huge mistake."

I planned to turn away. That was supposed to be the end of the whole confrontation, for me to step back and go back to the others and pretend nothing had happened. Before I could even move a centimetre, Jensen had crossed the distance between us.

"Hey." His hands found their way to my cheeks, stroking away the tears with his thumbs. I refused to look up at him, keeping my gaze fixed on the ground below me. "Stop crying."

"Stop being so nice," I hiccupped, my voice giving away entirely. I could barely understand myself. "You hate me, I get it."

"From all that I said just now, that's what you make out of it; that I hate you?" With a heavy sigh, he cupped my chin and made me look up at him. Even through the thick and fat tears in my eyes, I could see him so clearly in front of me. He was close, and a small smile was playing on his lips. "I don't hate you Roxanne."

"B-but I thought-"

"I couldn't forget you."

The End

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