Chapter Fourteen (Part 7)

"What the hell has gotten into you?" Jensen murmured as I clawed and fought back against him to let me go. He wasn't even shouting back at me though, his voice was a mask of perfect calmness. And I hated that.

"You want to know what's gotten into me? Well, why don't you ask yourself? You've been a total coward all these years, never finding the guts to tell me the truth. And I've been in the dark, not just the night I was locked up in that stupid coffin, but all this time because of your actions to refuse to tell me the truth."

He pursed his lips tightly, biting back any retorts he had on the tip of his tongue.

"You could've just told me that Zach was the one who'd refused to let me out of the coffin. That he'd taken the key and hid it. If you'd told me that, everything would have been perfectly fine. This," I waved my hand between us, "wouldn't be happening. And you didn't. It's all your fault."

Jensen finally let go of me, pushing me away. I stumbled back, tripping over a bare twig on the ground before leaning against a nearby tree to find my balance. When my eyes flew back to his face, I couldn't make out the expression that had crossed it. It was beyond anger or sadness. But the light and happy eyes that I'd always known were now trembling.

"A coward," he whispered. "You think I'm a coward."

"Y-yes, I do," my voice faltered.


I braced myself. For the next round of shouting and arguing, for him to have a go at me, to punch me even. My grip on the bark of the tree grew tight as I inhaled deeply to ready myself.

Three words were all he gave me in response: "So be it."

The End

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