Chapter Fourteen (Part 6)

My heart jumped in my chest and I whirled around to see Jensen, leaning against the bark of a tree, watching me with one of the blankest expressions ever. I opened my mouth to reply, to tell him that I was here to find him, to talk to him and this time, I actually found the strength to do so but he didn’t give me a chance.

“You know, if you get lost in the woods again, I won’t be able to save you or anything, like before. So you should head back to the others. They might start to wonder.”

I heard what he said, every single word but instead of paying attention to the 'instruction' he'd given me, I looked at Jensen; I mean, I really looked at him. At the way his hands which only seconds ago I was certain had been balled into fists were now rubbing anxiously against the sides of his jeans, at the strands of his hair that fell in front of his eyes, those eyes that had haunted me all these years but now left me wanting so much more.

"Of course you can't save me, you've lost your sense of direction too."

"What?" Jensen stared at me like I'd just gone insane. I didn't blame him one bit; I hadn't meant to sound philosophical or confusing but those words had slipped out of their own accord. He, of course, had no idea what I'd meant. Sighing internally, I decided to go out on a whim and do this.

"You heard me," I said, louder this time as I placed my hands on my hips and jut my chin up. Yeah Roxie, go for the cocky approach. Fight fire against fire here. "I said you've lost your way too. Actually, you lost your whole freaking compass years ago, so of course you can't save me this time. You need to save yourself first."

Jensen's eyes reflected the thoughts he was having: 'She's lost it, Roxie's finally lost it'. As I rambled on, with each second that passed by, I truly was beginning to lose control of everything I'd been feeling over the years. 

"C'mon, don't give me that look. You know exactly what I'm talking about. The Haunted House; ring any bells Sterling?"

The muscles in his jaw visibly tensed, a shadow falling across his face. Without a word, he stepped forward and roughly grabbed my elbow, yanking me back in the direction from which I'd come. But I refused to let him take me back to the campfire. Lea was right; this conversation was long overdue and it was about time I had it. I needed the closure. I no longer wanted to get my revenge for what I thought he'd done but for what he really had done; lied to me for years and ruined a perfectly good thing that had been going on. And why? For what?

The End

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