Chapter Fourteen (Part 4)

“You can cut the tension between you two with a knife,” Lea snorted, walking over to me with her hands in her pockets. Her wild red hair seemed a bit more intimidating than usual, especially with that judging look she was giving me right now. Knowing that ignoring her would just unleash the beast within, I replied, “Yeah, I know.”

“You have to talk to him sis,” she said, sitting down next to me. I saw Nancy eyeing the both of us curiously, as if waiting for my reaction. The two of them must have gotten together and discussed this conversation in advance.

“About what? Shouldn’t he be the one to approach me about it? Besides, I don’t want to ruin this night. It is your first time camping out with us and I don’t want to turn it into some dramatic teenage scene.”

Lea sighed. “I knew you would say that but nothing puts me down more than knowing that the sister that I love so much is in pain.”

My lips twitched. “Nice one.”

She laughed and took my hand in hers. “Just…talk to him, okay?” Her green eyes held a heartfelt plea in them, and having her look at me like that I knew I just couldn’t say no.

“Alright, alright. Although I really don’t see what benefit you gain out of this.”

Lea grinned in victory. Before she could respond to what I’d said, the sound of a car honk made her jump. Looking over our shoulders, we both recognized Jet’s majestic black jeep. I had to cover my ears when Lea let out a high-pitched squeak.

It was like they’d been separated for a century or something. She jumped up and raced into his arms as she always does, just as he stepped out of the car. Poor Jet, who already looked like he needed to gain some weight to keep those bones together, almost toppled to the ground as she crashed into him.

“Jet! You’re here!” Lea trilled dramatically. Yup, she’d been right. There was definitely no need, whatsoever, for me to worry about ruining her night.

“It takes some getting used to, doesn’t it?”

I turned around to meet Nancy who had a smile on her face, her eyes fixed on the other couple who were now walking over to us with their hands interlaced (although Jet seemed to be limping a bit).

“To them? I’m still not used to it myself,” I said, grinning.

“I wasn’t talking about them; not specifically. I meant…” Her gaze shifted to meet mine. “To come to terms with one’s feelings.”

I knew exactly what Nancy was talking about, even though she was trying to speak in code. It didn’t take me even a moment of hesitation to tell her that now was just not the time to discuss this. Being my best friend, she knew that too and just gave me a nod and small smile, before taking my hand and leading me over to the small campfire the boys had set.

The End

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