Chapter Fourteen (Part 3)

“We are on a roll!” Lea stood back, looking proudly at the tent that we had set up. As Jet was showing up late, I was forced to set up their tent with Lea which I really would not mind at all normally but she’d started to majorly annoy me the moment she’d fixed in her little head that a little competition would be fun.

We were the first ‘group’ that had finished setting up a tent but did it technically count as victory when I actually wouldn’t be sleeping in it? The happy couple from a few feet away shot me a mocking grin, as if to say, ‘we’re sorry to see that this is what you live with but it’s amusing for us to see you in so much pain’.

It was really awkward for me; knowing that there were three pairs of us, two of which were a couple and would be sharing tents together while Jensen and I were the only ones that…well, weren’t going to be. I knew that Lea could sense how I felt about that and I was dead certain that the issue hadn’t escaped Jensen’s notice either. But surely, it wasn’t an ‘issue’. It was just…normal. Us being friends, if that’s what we were.

Shaking those thoughts out of my head, I decided to ‘roll on’ and get my own tent set up. I was sat on the grass, working on connecting the tent poles together when I heard the squish-squash of shoes against the ground.

“Need any help?”

Jensen didn’t wait for my answer, plopping right down next to me and getting to work. I didn’t say a word either, pursing my lips and trying to focus on the task ahead of me but it didn’t help especially when the voice in the back of my mind gnawed away at me to tell him that I knew the truth, the voice that wanted to demand him why he’d never told me the truth himself.

We worked in mutual silence and I think both of us vented our frustrations into the process of setting up the tent as it only took us a few minutes to get mine done, by the end of which, Jensen gave me a firm (almost official) nod and made his way back to the others. I watched him walk away, soon interrupted by my lovely sister.

The End

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