Chapter Thirteen (Part 9)

“You found Jensen first and he told you where I was hiding,” I spoke slowly, the truth assembling in my mind. “And you took the key, saying you’d find me too but you didn’t…because you thought it would be funny.” Zach the Joker…he’d always been one. Why hadn’t I seen that before?

“Yeah exactly. Do you want to leave now?”

I looked at him; really looked at him. At his perfect blue eyes which were now swimming with annoyance towards me…at that soft blonde hair that girls had once whispered about in the back of the classroom whenever he’d walked in…and at those lips that had just shown me the truth. And I didn’t feel angry. I didn’t hate him like I should have. Even after finding out that Zach Klezner was the reason for it all…I felt nothing but a strange peace wash over me.

Blinking, I nodded and stood up. “Let’s go.” He didn’t bother taking my hand this time. Even if he had, I don’t think I would have been repulsed by it. What’s done is done after all and if Zach was the mystery villain behind everything, it’s not like that would change who I’d become.

I’d still be Roxanne Ileana Payes – the claustrophobic klutz that had a fear of thunder. Zach would continue to be the mischief maker of every situation , be it in school or at a party. He’d always been that person and I didn’t have more reason to hate him now because I should have expected that.

The person that had changed in my eyes however, was the guy that had chosen not to tell me the truth and save himself from the years of a pointless grudge that I’d held against him. The guy who till now had led me to believe that he was a heartless liar that I’d known and trusted. Jensen Sterling.

He had lied. But not about what I’d thought.

The End

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