Chapter Thirteen (Part 8)

“Oh yes,” I said sarcastically, smirking at him. “Cutting in front of me in the cafeteria line is definitely inexcusable. But hey, you’re paying for this fantastic meal and I think that totally makes up for all those times.”

Zach laughed. Like he threw back his and laughed really merrily as if I’d just said the world’s funniest joke. Let’s face it though, I have the worst sense of humor but maybe he really enjoyed sarcasm as the main tool?

“Oh Roxanne, you really know how to make a guy feel better don’t you?” He teased. “And that was actually successful in making me less guilty about what happened.”

“Well you’re totally forgiven,” I smiled at him.

He begun to lean forward…and he wasn’t stopping. “Well…” Zach’s breath was cool against my face. “I’m glad that stupid Halloween night doesn’t interfere with our lunch date.”

“What?” My back hit the chair hard enough to form a bruise as I snapped back, and stared at Zach with growing confusion on my face. What was he even talking about? Disappointment was beginning to spread across Zach’s face as his shoulders slumped down when he sat back. He’d been about to kiss me for the second time this weekend but I’d cut his intentions at the root. Still, I wanted to know what he meant by that comment. “What about that Halloween night?”

“You know the whole Hide and Seek game that we played and how I didn’t find you till the end as a prank?” Irritation seeped into his voice. I guess that little speech about moving slow with me had just been a load of bull if he was bumming out this hard about missing a kiss.

“A prank…that you pulled.” It slowly started to make sense. Lea’s voice rang through my head crystal clear: Jensen isn’t the one you should be hating.

Zach is.

The End

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