Chapter Thirteen (Part 4)

I probably would have tripped and hit my head against the bathroom floor but luckily enough, I’d managed to catch hold of the sink to prevent the fall. What exactly was Lea trying to do anyway?  She wasn’t scratching me, she wasn’t pinching me. She didn’t even punch me. She simply had her arms tied around my waist and like an anchor, she tried to pull me down to the ground.

“You just wait till I pin you down on the ground and knock some sense into your thick head.”

So that’s what she was trying to do. I would have laughed but I was too busy trying to unglue her off of me.

“You should join the army, you would make the country proud in battle.”

With a grunt, she released her grip on me then pushed me away. “Roxanne, you’re making a big mistake. Jensen isn’t the one you should be hating, he didn’t do anything wrong at all.”

Where did that come from? I stared at her, probably looking like a cross between a human and a toad. “Huh?”

“I know the story from both sides, yours and Jensen’s. Don’t think you could justify everything you feel and everything you do. Sure, maybe he made a mistake but let me tell you something. His was purely unintentional but what you’re doing is just out of spite.”

She walked out of the bathroom in a huff and without a backwards glance while I stood there, absolutely puzzled. What had she meant by that? Was she on Jensen’s side? I felt the annoyance and anger resurface within me when I considered the possibility that maybe he’d talked to her, or convinced her that he hadn’t done anything wrong.

I didn’t care anymore what Lea thought though. This was completely about me. She could share her opinions, even critique me but to blatantly accuse me of something when she knows how much I’ve really been through?

Slamming the door behind me, I leaned against it and stared at a spot in the wall. Zach would be here soon and it was quite obvious to the world that he was interested in me. Maybe I should go to the reunion with him. Yeah, I will. If the date goes well, I’ll ask him if he wants to accompany me to the reunion. He would surely say yes. Surely.


The End

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