Chapter Thirteen (Part 3)

“So what else happened between you and this Zach?” Distaste was splattered all over her question that it made me doubt she would ever leave me alive if she knew the truth.

“Oh…um, nothing at all.Just the kiss.”

“You’re lying.”

I shook my head quickly. “Now if you don’t mind, I really need to shower as I’m going out with a friend for lunch.” Being tall had its advantages as I held her by the shoulders and firmly redirected her back towards the exit of the bathroom. Lea, though short and highly cuddle-able, was also strong. She held her ground, her glare growing deathly icy.

“Roxanne Ileana Payes slash Storm, if I find out that the supposed lunch date you’re having is with this moron, I will decapitate you in the most painful, blood-squirting way there is possible.”

I gulped and quickly scanned the bathroom. No razors, no knives, no sharp equipment. “Well…”

I didn’t know what to have expected. Lea dealt with anger in one of two ways: she either ignored the person completely until they came and apologized to her for what they had (or hadn’t) done or she tore them to shreds.

I didn’t actually think she would have a go at me – besides my jaw was still aching from the lovely greeting she’d given me in place of ‘good morning’. But when Lea crashed into me, the redheaded midget had transformed into an unstoppable force of fury. 

The End

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