Chapter Thirteen (Part 2)

“You want to know what happened?” I snapped. She bobbed her head ‘yes’ in excitement. “The kiss did happen. And it was great, really passionate.”

“Were his hands in your hair, on your hips? Where were they?” She spoke so fast, like a chipmunk that was high. It almost made me feel bad because I knew the ending would disappoint her. Nevertheless, I kept in mind that she’d disrupted my sleep and that seemed to encourage me.

“They were sort of cupping my face.”

She sighed happily. Was that an actual tear in the corner of her eye? “I’m so happy right now. It’s like my life has been completed.”

“Yeah,” I said, not attempting to hide the sneer as I swung my legs off the bed and into my slippers. “It was perfect, considering it wasn’t with Jensen.”

And then, the wrath of Lea Storm was unleashed. It took a while for the words I’d saidto sink into her, the meaning of it to strike her and when it did…I begun to regret my need for vengeance in the first place. I’d stalked off into the bathroom to brush my teeth when she came rushing in, her grassy green eyes barely visible behind narrowed slits.

“Did you just say that the kiss wasn’t with Jensen?”

I nodded, a grin of satisfaction on my face.

“Who was it with; Drew?!”

That caused me to choke on my toothbrush. I quickly spat it out and rinsed my mouth. “Of course not! How could you think that? He’s like a brother to me. It was with Zach.”

“Zach. That name sounds familiar,” she pondered.

“Yeah, he’s the guy I told you about who was part of that hide-and-seek game.”

“You made out with him?!”

I jumped back, alarmed at the way she’d screeched at me. Lea’s cheeks were flushed deeply, just as red as her hair and the smile that almost always could be found on her lips was now replaced by a scowl that was aimed directly at me. The only thing she was missing was talons

“ I didn’t really have a choice! It was a Truth or Dare game and I got dared to kiss him, okay?”

Lea squinted suspiciously at me. “What is it with you and games anyway? First it was Hide and Seek, now this.”

“It doesn’t really matter, it was only a game.”

“That’s rich coming from the girl who’s diagnosed with a lifetime phobia because of one.”

I winced. She was right. Lea didn’t even bother apologizing for the look that must have crossed my face upon hearing that. You would think she might’ve felt a tad bit guilty but nope, not at all. 

The End

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