Chapter Thirteen (Part 1)

Let me tell you a little something about my sister, Lea Storm. Apart from what everyone thinks about her, that is that she’s a wacky angel that’s always good company, there’s something that not many people know about her but I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing a hefty number of times over the years. Lea has a really hot temper, and not in the ‘isn’t-that-adorable’ kind of way but in the ‘run-for-the-hills’ way. The billionth time I saw her temper flare was probably the best though.

The party at Marcus’s had ended quite late and by the time I’d been dropped off at home, everyone was asleep including Lea. All I did was let myself in, lock the front door and then head to bed. But bright and early in the morning, she barged into the room and demanded to know what had happened at ‘za boom’.

“Come on,” she said, jumping on me and shaking my shoulders. I groaned and rolled over on the bed, trying to find refuge under my blanket but I was met by failure when she ‘accidentally’ knocked her elbow hard into the side of my face. I let out an unearthly groan, pushing aside the sheets roughly as I sat up.

“What is with you?!” I shouted, clutching to the left side of my face that was now throbbing. I bruised like a peach and a part of me worried about how bad my face might look in an hour or two.

“Whoops! I didn’t mean to hurt you, really I didn’t.” A gleeful smile lit up her face as she clapped her hands and plopped down on the bed. “But now that you’re up, mind filling me in on what happened?”

“Nothing happened!”

She pouted. “Something must have happened. Did you dance? Did you make-up? Ooh! Was there a kiss?”

I paused and nodded. That did it. She yelped and jumped on me (literally). “Tell me everything!”

“What time is it?”

“Time to spill the beans sista!”

God, give me strength. Well if Lea wanted the truth, I would give it to her.

The End

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