Chapter Twelve (Part 9)

“Just do it and get it over with,” Nancy whispered, not sounding excited at all. She’d never been a fan of Zach anyways.

With a heavy sigh, I crawled forward on the carpet as did Zach till we were both kneeling down on the floor. He towered over me and I could tell he was quite eager as he took my face in his hands, and didn’t waste a second in closing the space between us.

The kiss was…normal. I didn’t feel anything, not emotionally. It was purely the physical side of it that my body registered – the warmth of his lips on mine, his hands which stroked my cheeks. I returned the kiss unwillingly but Zach took this as a green signal to deepen it, making it last longer than I’d been hoping for.

In the end, I was the one to draw back, my hand immediately coming to rest on my lips which tingled unpleasantly. I looked past Zach’s shoulder and saw Jensen watching us with an inscrutable expression on his face, still as a statue. His reaction, or should I say lack of a reaction, worried me but I kept quiet, settling for a weak smile in Zach’s direction before plopping back down in my original spot.

“That good at it, was he?” Nancy teased.

“What?” I asked, my concentration fully on Jensen who was now refusing to look anywhere near where I sat.

“You two were really getting into it, and when you ended the kiss, both of you were gasping for breath.”

Were we? I honestly didn’t care. Maybe the others interpreted it as a passionate kiss. I could picture myself having more passionate ones, with someone else. But with Zach, I hadn’t felt a single thing, not one.

If only I had a way of proving that.

The End

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