Chapter Twelve (Part 7)

What? Jensen was staring at me, expecting my answer. I felt Nancy squirm by my side, as only she and Drew understood the significance of the question. This was proven when Zach muttered, “What kind of a dumb-ass question is that?” That earned him a murderous glare but when Jensen looked at me again, I couldn’t help but blush.

“So? Which is it?”

I tore my gaze away, picking at the carpet with my fingers. “It’s a little bit of both, I guess. It takes a lot of courage to forgive someone who might have betrayed or hurt you in the past, so it can be regarded as a strength because it makes you brave. But…if you’re too forgiving then you might only be giving yourself into more hurt in the future if that same person hurts you again and all you do is forgive them time and time again. It depends.”

My answer was satisfactory as Jensen didn’t say more. I could feel his eyes on me though, but I refused to meet his gaze. He was probably linking my answer to ourselves. I’d forgiven him, I’d given him another chance but would that turn out to be a fatal mistake?

Without lifting my eyes to meet his, I reached forward and spun the bottle which came on Nancy. She seemed relieved that it was only just me but I grinned at her expression – had she forgotten how evil I could be?

“Truth,” she said.

“Hmm…okay, let’s say you weren’t with Drew and you had to choose to date between Jensen and Zach, who would you choose?”

“That’s stupid! I wouldn’t date either of them!”

I wagged my finger at her, smiling impishly. “You have to choose.”

Head held high, she replied, “Jensen, since I know him better.” Even Drew didn’t seem to mind her answer but Zach seemed slightly insulted upon hearing that.

“But I’m highly dateable,” he retorted. “And you’ve known me just as long as you’ve known Jensen.”

“It’s not a matter of how long I’ve known him but how much I’ve gotten to know him Zach. Jensen’s pretty much my best friend.” I’m pretty sure I saw Jensen jut his chest out a little proudly about that which was adorable.

And so the game went on. I hadn’t noticed the time pass by as it had actually gotten quite interesting, especially when there were a couple dares involved. One was to chug down a mug of beer non-stop which Drew had done without much difficulty (prompting Nancy to ask if he’d had experience with that before to which he’d replied, ‘of course not honey’). Even I’d had the nerve to take up a dare but it had been one to get the guys laughing: to dance with Nancy and the other girls to a party-song. I didn’t think it qualified for a dare but at least they had a good laugh over it.

The End

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