Chapter Twelve (Part 3)

“Him? Who’s him?” That snapped me out of my self-admiration session as I turned to face her with an eyebrow lifted.

“Oh, no one. Just the people at the party.”

If there was one thing that Lea was extremely bad at – it was lying.

“Lea…” My eyes flashed angrily and she sighed, shoulders slumping.

“Okay fine you caught me. I’m secretly hoping that Jensen would faint when he sees you and you two would kiss and make-up and start dating already! And that way, you’d have an official date to the reunion which is only in six days!”

“Way to go Mrs. Match-maker but that’s not going to work,” I said, shooting down her hopes.

“Why not? Anyone would be crazy not to ask you out after seeing you in that.”

I rolled my eyes. “Guys might ask me out but the power to turn them down rests with me, doesn’t it?”

Lea didn’t look very happy about what I’d said as she stormed out of the room, muttering curses (that were probably directed towards me) to herself. I heard a car honk and I looked out the window. Nancy and Drew were here.

Smiling a little to myself, I reached over the table to grab my purse and check if I had everything. Before I left though, I glanced at myself one more time. Lea was right. I looked amazing… And a little part of me, that continued to live in denial, wondered if Jensen would agree with her.


The End

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