Chapter Twelve (Part 1)


I wonder…how does one dress for a party? I looked into the mirror, wondering if what I was wearing was appropriate enough. Throughout my years in high school, I’d spent my time with my head in textbooks that I didn’t have much time to dedicate myself to the ‘youth’ aspect of it; getting drunk and having ‘fun’. But I didn’t regret that – I’d ended up graduating with the highest grades in my class, and also had a bunch of scholarships. Yet standing in front of the mirror with an expression of doubt written across my face, I couldn’t help but think if this is how karma worked.

“Roxie, ready or not, here I come!”

Lea swung the door open and stepped in, a wide smile on her lips which vanished the moment she saw me and was replaced by a look of utter horror. “What are you wearing?”


She stepped forward, and started to shake her head. “No…just no. You need a make-over.”

I sighed and sat down on the bed in resignation. “I know I have no fashion taste but it’s only a party Lea.”

“Only a party?” Lea looked at me like I’d just said the most possibly inaccurate thing on the planet. “Darling, do you not realize that tonight is the night of magical possibilities and opportune moments; of conversational quicksand and blubbering excitement?”

I stared at her, clueless. “What the heck are you talking about?”

Grabbing my hand, she pulled me to my feet and repositioned me in front of the glass. “This is not what you wear to a party. Jeans and a baggy t-shirt spell out ‘boring old crow’. You have to look hip, to look trendy.”

Pushing me aside, she opened the wardrobe and rummaged through my various outfits before taking out a single hanger supporting a very, very glamorous dress.

“Now this,” she grinned, “will do.”

She held out a tight-fitting party outfit, one that I’d only worn once at the mall after which it had not been touched. As I’d grown taller, the dress had grown shorter and now, it would probably stop at a little above my knees. It was sparkly and it was silver. Need I say more?


The End

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