Chapter Eleven (Part 7)

“So…you wanted to tell me something?”

“Umm…” Just tell him. Be harsh – it’s not a crime. You hate this guy, remember? He ruined your life! “I wanted to let you know that it would be nice if the two of us could come to a compromise; not hate each other’s guts as much anymore.” My mind screamed at me, and I knew I’d be kicking myself in the butt later for saying this. Maybe it was the fact that I could feel Jensen’s breath against my face, or the beautiful smile that appeared on his lips upon hearing me say that…something had changed my mind.

“You mean we could be friends again?” His voice was full of hope that it made me want to shout yes a million times but I simply nodded.


Jensen let out his breath, relieved. “Well then, I guess it wouldn’t be completely inappropriate if I invited you to this party this weekend.”

“A party?” I hadn’t been expecting that.

“Yeah, it’s this weekend at my friend’s house. Nancy and Drew will be coming as well.” He gave me an encouraging smile. “It would be great if you could join us.”

I thought over it. Attending a part with Nancy, Drew and Jensen would be like letting the world know that the gang was together. The other two would be thrilled about that. Oh well…it didn’t sound so much like suicide.

“Sure. I don’t have any plans for the weekend, that’ll be great.”

Jensen looked like he wanted to hug me. I wouldn’t have stopped him if he had. A grin broke out on his face and he flashed me that insanely gorgeous smile of his. “Excellent.”

A visit to Jensen Sterling to remind him that things would never change between us had been a total failure. In the end, all that had gone down had been totally unplanned for: an apology accepted, a friendship renewed, a party to attend, and a Facebook friendship request waiting to be sent back home.

Yup. I was certainly on the right track.

The End

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