Chapter Eleven (Part 2)

The first time I’d driven myself to Jensen’s home, I hadn’t been as nervous, knowing that he wouldn’t be there (why else would they need a babysitter). But now, my palms were actually sweaty as I got out the car and headed towards the front door. Rubbing my hands against the side of my jeans, I then rang the doorbell. The door opened in a flash. It was Mrs. Reeds.

“Do I know you?”

I held back my frown as I watched the confusion spread across her face. “Um…I’m Roxanne? Don’t you remember me?”

“Oh no dear, I’m sorry, you must have the wrong address.” She was about to close the door in my face but I took a step forward, blocking the way. She did not look happy about that.

“Mrs. Reeds, it’s me. I’m Lea’s sister, I babysat Melanie once.”

Her blue orbs widened after a minute or two, and a smile made its way to her lips. “Oh yes, yes. I remember you now. How may I help you, dear?”

I resisted the urge to roll my eyes at how long it had taken her to recognize me. Instead, I politely asked, “I would like to see Jensen, I’m a friend of his.”

“Oh alright, come on in then.” Mrs. Reeds finally stepped aside, giving me some space to walk in. I could hear the television playing, what I thought must be the news channel. “Jensen’s room is right up stairs, the last door on the left dear.”

“Is Melanie home?”

“No, she’s over at her friend’s house.”

At least this time we won’t get interrupted. Wait. Why didn’t I want to get interrupted? Shaking my head to myself internally, I thanked Mrs. Reeds and started up the stairs. I noticed her walk back into the television room, where I assumed Mr. Sterling was.

I had a whole speech prepared to say to Jensen but now, bits and pieces of it were falling out of my brain as I got closer and closer to his room. What if he really hadn’t heard us that day at the store? What if I was just being paranoid and worried for nothing at all? I might just be setting myself up for more trouble here.

I stopped walking when I reached his room door. I could hear music playing from inside, and the sound of a keyboard being typed into. I could turn back, head home and would never have to deal with it again by hiding myself in the cupboard. Yeah…I could do that.

The End

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