Chapter Ten (Part 6)

The next crackle of thunder is what pushed me over the edge. I’d always hated thunderstorms since I’d been a kid. Then, I would just run to my mother, and she’d be waiting for me with open arms to comfort me. But I had no way out now; I would have to deal with the thunder myself. 

I felt like the ceiling of the coffin was being pushed down on me, like I had no air to breathe. Gasping heavily, I started to push hard on the top with all the strength that I could put into it, hoping that it would just open up so I can get out and find the others. But no. It was locked and I didn’t have the key. 

“Hello? Can someone hear me?” I banged hard against the side, hoping to make some noise as I shouted through the gaps. “Please just open up! I’m done with this stupid game!” 

My hands trembled as a deathly silence washed over me. The rain started to beat down heavily on the roof, the menacing thunder having my nerves on edge. I closed my eyes and tried to calm down but couldn’t push away the nausea that overcame my body. I felt cold and alone. And soon my gasps turned into sobs which echoed off the confines, unheard. 

I don’t know how long I lay there, rocking myself with my arms hugging my stomach in an useless attempt to try and calm myself down. The ongoing storm in the background made the trepidation inside of me grow with every second till it reached a peak. 

I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t think. I couldn’t feel anything except my heart beat fast against my chest, like it was fighting for life. I was captured in the terror of those moments. All I could do was wait for the storm to pass. And it did. 

The cataclysm ended and I thought it was it, that the tears would dry and be forgotten without me having to rub them away. However the reality of what had just happened engulfed me and left me feeling numb. My hands reached out, and pushed harder on the surface but this time, hope came my way.

The End

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