Chapter Ten (Part 4)

“It’s finally over.” Nancy hooked arms with me and rested her head on my shoulder. I let out my breath. I don’t know who was more relieved; me or her. I’d spent most of the night letting in people who’d bought the ticket to the Haunted House alongside Zach who’d been trying to lure me pretty badly with some cheap flirting. Nancy, on the other hand had been stuck with Tess who she didn’t get along with. We both just wanted to go home. But Lynda had an even better idea in mind. 

“I hate the thought of coming to school on a Saturday morning to clean up.” 

We all groaned in union, reminded of what awaited us tomorrow. 

“So I was thinking,” she said slowly, “Why don’t we all just clean up now and that way tomorrow, we don’t have much to do?” 

“Are you crazy?” Zach murmured, glaring at her like she’d suggested the worst thing possible. “I’m shattered. I’m not doing more work.” 

“I’m up for it,” Drew said, sparking an immediate, “Me too” from Nancy. Rolling my eyes, I stood up and said, “Guess that means we’re staying for a little while longer.” 

We all got to our feet and trudged back in with Zach muttering curses under his breath. He was never in the mood for work. 

“Lynda, Zach and I will go for litter patrol. You four, get all the props and stuff back to the main room, leave the heavy ones for later and that’ll be all.” 

We nodded and split up into our respective groups. I was relieved that I’d be with the other three again; I didn’t think I could stand another pick-up line from Zach. The four of us got to work in silence, too tired to make too much talk. We just wanted to get this night over with and get back home, to a welcoming bed; I know I did. 



“Hundred, ninety-nine, ninety-eight…” 

Jensen’s hand held mine tightly as he led the way through the different rooms, farther and farther away till we couldn’t hear Zach count-down. Somehow, a night of cleaning up had turned into an adventurous game of hide-and-seek. And Jensen was my ‘keeper’. Somehow, the very thought of that made a smile come to my face. 

“Found a good place for me to hide yet?’ I asked quietly so that if any of the others were around, they wouldn’t hear us. 

“Not yet,” he replied, his fingers tickling the surface of my palm. I would have giggled and blushed like a little school-girl if it weren’t for the fact that I had some sense of self-control. 

Jensen stopped walking and turned around, taking a few steps back and entering a classroom. The room inside which had lain a number of ‘vampires’ that had gotten out of their coffins and spooked out most of the people. Oh yeah, that sounded like a good place to hide. 

“I bet Zach won’t find you in here,” Jensen said, a grin appearing on his lips. He switched on the light and beckoned over to one of the coffins. “Hop on in madame.” 

I shook my head. “You’re kidding. No way am I getting in that.”

The End

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