Chapter Ten (Part 3)

I choked on some of the popcorn. Jensen had totally caught me off guard and when I met his eyes, I noticed the amusement dancing around in them. “What?” I stuttered. 

“Nothing, nothing,” Jensen said, waving away the matter. He started walking even faster that I had to actually jog to keep up with him. Was that redness I saw in his cheeks? Was he blushing? Had he just asked me out? Or given me the indication to ask him out? 

My mind was racing with unanswered questions but before I could gather up the guts to confront him about what he’d just said, we were right back at the Haunted House. And this time, the whole group was standing right out waiting for us; that is, Nancy, Drew, Tess, Lynda and the one and only Zach. 

“Hey, look who’s here,” Jensen said, shifting the spotlight towards Zach who held a sheepish grin on his face. 

“Yeah, yeah, give me a break guys. I’m sorry for being late.” He held up his hands by his side in surrender. “Besides, it’s not like we have much left to do.” 

“That’s right because we finished all the work,” Lynda snapped, glaring angrily at Zach. He acted like he hadn’t heard her though, his gaze fixing on me.

“Roxanne and I are the ticket-checkers, right?” 

I nodded, slipping my hands into my pockets. “Yup.” 

“Well then,” Zach said, stepping over to my side. “I guess we better get started.” 

In that moment, a few things happened that I couldn’t make sense of. I saw Drew exchange a secretive glance with Jensen, who from the corner of my eye looked a little angry? When I turned to look at him fully though, he had a poker face on. But I could’ve sworn I’d seen that.

“Anyways, let’s all get to work,” Lynda announced. The rest of them went inside, with Jensen throwing me and Zach one last glance before closing the door behind him. Zach nudged me on the waist, that charming smile back on his lips. It would’ve got most girls to swoon but to me, his smile was nothing compared to Jensen’s. 

“So, it’s just you and me Roxanne for about…” He checked his watch, his grin widening, “the next three hours.” 

How much I wish you were Jensen. “Ah yeah. Sounds like fun.” I forced a smile to my lips and sat down on one of the chairs set up to the right of the door. It was going to be a long night.


The End

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