Chapter Ten (Part 2)

They both smiled at us but my gaze was particularly reserved for Jensen who, of course, looked as stunning as ever. It was amazing how hot he managed to look no matter the simplicity of the outfit he wore. Today, it was just a plain black t-shirt with rugged old jeans of the same color yet he could easily pass off for a teenage Bond.

“Hello little miss Foxy Roxie,” Jensen teased.

“Enough of that name already.” Though I personally didn’t mind when he called me that.

“Are the others here yet?” Nancy asked, looking around. So far we’d only passed by a few of the other students. Most of them were probably at their stations, getting ready as in about an hour, the campus would be overflowing with kids, teens and sometimes even the teachers.

Drew nodded. “Tess and Lynda are both inside, checking if we have anything to set up last minute. Zach isn’t here yet but he will be soon.”

Zach had a reputation for slacking off when it came to doing any work. When Nancy and I first met him, we’d gotten the impression that he was a mischief-maker and we’d been right. He had striking features, and could instantly be classified as one of the jocks. But besides his insanely good looks, anyone could sniff that Zach meant trouble from miles away. In fact, the best booby traps we’d set up in the Haunted House were his ideas. Apart from that, he hadn’t been of much help.

“So do you want to get something from the concession stand?” Jensen’s question snapped me out of my thoughts and I looked up at him. I realized he’d directed it towards me and not to Nancy or Drew who were talking quietly a few feet away from us. Score for her.


We both walked ahead, leaving Nancy and Drew without as much as an explanation to where we were going but I doubted that they’d even notice. Jensen must have been thinking along the same lines as he said, “It’s high time he asked her out.”

I blinked. “Who?”

“Drew of course. I’ve been trying to convince him that it’s not too early to ask Nancy out. I mean they’ve known each other for what? Like…three years, right?”

I nodded. “I told Nancy the same thing.”

Jensen looked over at me with interest. “Told her what?”

“That she should just take the step forward and ask Drew out if he’s not doing it himself. It’s pretty obvious they like each other – everyone knows it except for themselves.”

“But it’s usually the guy that asks the girl Roxie,” Jensen pointed out. We both paused in front of one of the stands where a student council member stood. Eyeing us both, he said, “What do you guys want?”

In the end, we both settled for a bag of popcorn each and when we made our way back, Jensen started up the topic once again. “But I do think that a girl asking a guy out is a pretty bold, yet attractive move.”

He winked at me, making me blush a deep red. Was he trying to hint at something?

“She fears being rejected."

“Do you?”

The End

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