Chapter Ten (Part 1)


It was a chilly evening, chillier than most in October. I was starting to regret that I hadn’t grabbed myself a sweater when I’d left home. Now, I was the one shivering while Nancy and I both walked through the school campus, with her giving me one of her “I told you so” looks.

“To think that we’re not going to be enjoying any of the fun activities that the school has set up,” she mumbled, kicking a random piece of trash on the ground. “I mean, it bothered me loads in the beginning but the idea of working with Drew made it easier…but it just bums me hard on the night of.”

I sighed. “I know, I know, but hey, at least we get to invade the snack-shop free of charge.”

“Oh yeah. Get some extra calories, gain weight; definitely an added bonus,” she shot back sarcastically. I laughed, and tried to ignore the undeniable prick of guilt that I felt.

I had forced Nancy to volunteer with me two weeks ago when the student council came around to our class, asking if any students would be interested in helping set up all the different booths and stations for Halloween. I thought it would be fun for a change, being the one to dress up and scare the people rather than screaming my lungs out. But in the end, we’d been assigned to take care of props and decorate which didn’t exactly translate to fun.

The only plus side of it had been that Jensen and Drew had volunteered as well, which meant more time to hang out with them. I remembered Nancy going hyper when she’d learnt that and saying, “Us and them cute boys? Does it get any better?”

We’d actually had a great time together, sharing loads of laughs and not doing much work. But the 31st of the month had come too soon and that upset Nancy a whole lot as she wouldn’t have much time to spend with Drew after this, at least not after school.

“I wish we’d at least gotten to wear costumes or something,” she grumbled. “All-black is just boring.”

“It’s ominous,” I corrected. “Fits the whole Halloween theme.”

Nancy didn’t say anything as we neared the Haunted House, which was actually just the science building. Each lab/classroom was set up with a load of traps and creepy things to spook people out. There was also a rumor floating around that a hidden camera had been set up in one of the rooms to capture the reactions of some of the people which would later be shown.

“Hey look, there’s your guy.”

I sighed. “Stop calling him my guy.”

“If I stopped calling him your guy that would be wrong,” she snickered. I rolled my eyes at Nancy, deciding to give it a rest as we got closer to Drew and Jensen.

The End

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