Chapter Nine (Part 8)

I saw a series of emotions flit across her face, and for a second, I feared that Lea might start to justify what he’d done. That she might say, “maybe he’d done it by accident.” But all Lea did was step forward and give me a hug.

"I’m really sorry Rox. I didn’t know.”

Smiling a little, I hugged her back. “It’s fine. It’s not your fault. It’s entirely his.”

Stepping back, Lea smiled at me. “I won’t bug you anymore about Jensen, you have my word. Now, let’s get out of here, get back home and have a chill day with some ice-cream and a girly movie, okay?”

I laughed. Oh Lea. As annoying as she could be, she was also quite a darling at times.

“Alright sis, let’s.”

We both walked towards the counter to buy a random bracelet that Lea plucked off the rack. However, we were both met by a surprise when we got there. Because standing right there, purchasing an item of his own was my very own keeper.

Lea and I exchanged a panicked look before settling on Jensen who turned around just then. He saw us and smiled, but the smile didn’t reach his eyes – not like it always did.

“Oh. Hey guys. What are you doing here?”

“Jensen, wow hey. Didn’t think I’d run into you here. Rox and I are just purchasing a charm bracelet for Katie. You?” Lea sounded chipper like usual. I have no idea how she did that but it certainly helped cover the astonishment that was filling me up…and the fear.

“My family’s going shopping around the mall and Melanie’s with them. I just wanted to get her something, brighten up her day a bit with a surprise later on.”

“That’s sweet.”

“Yeah.” He snatched the bag from the guy behind the counter, a little roughly even that the salesperson looked slightly alarmed. “Anyway, I have to get going before Melanie finds out I’m up to something. I’ll see you guys later.”

And with that, he left.

The End

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