Chapter Nine (Part 6)

“Now this is what the keeper, or Jensen, had to do. He had to help me find a good spot to hide where I had the most chances of not getting caught. After that, he too would search for a good spot for himself but I wouldn’t know where that spot would be since I was already hiding.”

Lea scrunched up her eyebrows. “I’m bamboozled.” She tugged at one of her curls and then said slowly. “Jensen and you both hunted for a good hiding spot for you. Just for you, not for him. And after finding that spot and you were concealed and all that, he left. But you didn’t have a clue of his hiding spot?”

“Yes. Now the rule that Zach made up is this. If the keeper within the pair is found first, then he has to – without a doubt – tell the seeker where his team-mate is hidden. But, if the regular team-mate is the one who’s caught first, then they can’t really do anything as they have no clue to where their keeper is. The winning group is the team that’s found last.”

Lea gave me a determined nod. “That makes sense. So how did a game of Hide and Seek end up in a hate-fest?”

I smiled dryly. “Jensen hadn’t played by the rules.”

My statement hung in the air and I waited for Lea to crack the meaning behind what I’d said. She was slow, but when she did, her eyes widened and she did a little jump, clapping her hands together. I would have laughed under normal circumstances but I was not in a humorous mood.

“Zach found Jensen first? And being the keeper, he should have told Zach where you were hidden. But he didn’t?”

I nodded, confirming her thoughts. “He didn’t.”

Lea shook her head. “This is childish.”

Annoyed, I snapped, “Childish? How could you even sa-”

“Okay, so maybe he shouldn’t have broken the rules. And he should have told Zach where you were and all that but maybe he was just trying to spice it up. It was Halloween after all, and it was only a harmless game of Hide and-”

“Harmless?” I roared. My voice rose so badly that Lea ‘sshed’ me. Taking in a deep breath, I tried to calm down but the anger was starting to show in my tone. “You think being trapped in a God-awful coffin, with thunder crackling in the background, and with no idea of when someone would come around to find me is harmless?”

The End

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