Chapter Nine (Part 5)


“I have my reasons for harboring such an enmity towards Jensen, okay?”

“Do you?” She snapped.

“Yes. I know that I shouldn’t trust him and should definitely never believe what he says after what he did in the sixth grade.”

Sensing that she was onto something, Lea urged me on. “The sixth grade? What happened then?”

I took a deep breath. Voices inside of my head started screaming at me with the strength of dozens of alarm clocks ticking off. Don’t tell her! What good will it do? I figured that Lea deserved the truth though. After all, she is my sister and I was feeling quite guilt-ridden that I hadn’t told her about the past before. I knew she’d been hurt, having to learn it all from friends of mine rather than me. Maybe it was that conscience that pushed me to do it.

“Nancy and I were in the sixth grade and it was close to Halloween. We both volunteered to help out with the decorations and setting up of the activities held by the school. And guess who else volunteered?”


I nodded. “And Drew too. Nancy and I were both thrilled at first that the four of us would be able to do something else together. And it was great at the start. All four of us opted to help out with the setup of the Haunted House. Things went well, we had fun, and it was a hit.”

“Then what happened?”

A moment of uncertainty came over me but I sucked it up and said it all quickly. “A bunch of us stayed afterwards that night, to help clean up the mess and all the props a little so we wouldn’t have to come to school during the weekend and do it then.”

“So it’d been a Friday night?”

“Yes. We’d finished cleaning up pretty fast. Most of us wanted to go home but Zach – another one of Jensen and Drew’s classmates – came up with a more thrilling idea. He suggested that we play a rather twisted version of Hide and Seek.”

“A twisted version?”

I nodded, looking away at the various bracelets. “Yeah. There were seven of us. Zach decided to be the seeker, and the six of us remaining had to team up in pairs. Naturally, Drew and Nancy, who were at that time heavily crushing on each other without the other’s knowledge, teamed up.”

“And let me guess; you and Jensen?” She hinted.

“Exactly.” I licked my lips nervously. “Anyways, the purpose of the pairing was that we’d have to split up as per our teams and help find each other a good hiding spot. So Nancy and Drew went off on their own, and the two other girls who’d paired up left as well. Jensen and I would have no clue where they would hide. The catch, however, was this.” I paused, trying to think of a good way to say this without confusing Lea.

“One of the two from the pairing would be ‘keeper’. In my case, that was Jensen.”


The End

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