Chapter Nine (Part 4)

"Now can you actually come over here and help me choose a nice charm-bracelet for Katie?”

With a sigh, I did as she told and joined her by the rack. Tomorrow would be Katie Tanner’s big day, and Lea had decided to get her something sweet and girly as a present (apparently charm bracelets fit that description). I was surprised that Lea had been invited to a kid’s birthday party at all, but she was certainly punctual on getting the girl something; in a total rush the day before the party.

“I think this one’s nice,” she said, holding up a small pink one.

I shrugged. “I’m not exactly a judge on this.”

Lea laughed. “Yup, you’re not a judge but you certainly are the mistress of sarcasm.” The mistress of sarcasm? I could live with that. “Anyway, aren’t you curious what Jensen’s reaction would be when he sees you in that dress?”

I stiffened. From being a mistress to seeing Jensen: what a big change of subject.

“He’s not going to.”

“And why is that?”

Spiteful words bubbled at the tip of my tongue, on the verge of escape but Lea rambled on.

“Oh right, right. You’re not going to the reunion, how could I forget that? And you loathe him to the pits of hell, even after hearing that story about his mum which you think would have created some sympathy but it had no effect.”


“And it’s not like he’s a serial killer or psychopath of some sort. Jensen Sterling is beyond gorgeous. He also knows you quite well, what with all the history you two share. And I’m pretty sure he’s not a part of any cult or voodoo group of sorts like Tim was.”

“Will you please just-“

“It’s pretty obvious that he’s in love with you. That day at the piano bar, while Nancy and Drew were telling the story, I noticed that he wouldn’t take his eyes off you for one second. And also-”

“Lea!” I grabbed her by the shoulder and shook her, trying to shut her up. “Shut it. Okay? Just for one little second.” 

The End

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