Chapter Nine (Part 2)

“Take it now!”

I quickly snapped a picture of Lea as she posed, smiling brightly. “Yup, you look great as usual.”

“Perfect. Let me put on the next one.”

Sinking back down into my chair, I said loudly so she could hear me from inside the changing room, “You know there is a mirror in there. You could use that to decide which dress looks best.”

“Mirrors can be deceiving!” She half-shouted, causing a few of the other customers to turn their heads in our direction. I went a little red and muttered, “Sorry, there’s one really insane teenager inside there.”

They didn’t seem to care though, getting back to looking through the racks of clothes. Why, oh why, had I let her drag me to the mall? I should have known she’d be using the whole ‘it has to look good in a picture’ trick to decide what she wanted. Lea really was different in every way imaginable.

So far, we’d hit most of the shops looking for the perfect dress and after going through all the varieties, Lea still hadn’t found one she was satisfied with. Which, of course, irritated me to the highest degree.

“Okay, what about this?” She asked, opening the door. It looked absolutely stunning on her. It was a rouge-colored satin dress, with a sequined design on it. It brought out her curves but not in a seductive way like one might imagine. Rather, it made her really beautiful, matching her hair which hung loosely over one shoulder.

“You look…jaw-dropping wow.”

“So it looks good?”

I bobbed my head. “Yeah. It really does. Buy it.”

She was about to step right back into the changing room before freezing in place, and then staring at me intently. “Actually…I have a better idea.” Popping out of the changing room, she marched towards the racks of dresses and chose an identical one to the one she was wearing, except it was black.

“Try this one Rox.”

What? No way.” I shook my head furiously. “I’m not coming to the reunion so why should I-”

“Because it would be cool if we had matching dresses. It’s not like I’m only going to wear this outfit for the reunion and then throw it away.” Lea rolled her eyes and shoved the dress into my hands, taking the phone out of my hand. “Now go, go and try it on.” She pushed me in the direction of the changing room.

Knowing that there would be no winning with her, I got in with a frown. Sighing, I quickly changed out of my jeans and tee, slipped into the dress and then opened the door, looking bored. There Lea stood, her arms crossed over her chest but the moment she saw me, her green eyes widened.

The End

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