Chapter Nine (Part 1)


I was sitting on my bed, bending over to paint my toenails dark red – my favorite color – when the door opened. I didn’t have to look up to know who it was as Lea’s voice broke the quiet peacefulness of my room.

“He called again,” she said, confirming my thoughts.

“I heard.” I paused, then looked at her. Disappointment filled her face but she decided not to say what was on her mind which was fine by me, I didn’t want to hear it. “What did you say to him this time?”

“I told him you didn’t want to talk to him; I grew tired of coming up with excuses. Besides, it’s obvious that you’re avoiding him so he might as well hear the truth; that which he already knows.”

I shrugged, slowly and carefully putting my feet down to the ground. That evening, after my baby-sitting adventure, I’d returned home looking quite flustered. Lea and Jet had been able to tell that something was wrong and quite surprisingly, hadn’t pushed me to find out what it was. But after a while of drowning in my thoughts alone, I decided to let Lea know the answer to her question.

Right now though, she was just standing there, staring at me expectantly as she leaned against my doorframe. Now that Lea had recovered, she was back to bugging me on a regular basis. The only benefit I’d gained from her being back to normal was that she could pick up the calls from Jensen on my behalf. Five days had passed already and he still hadn’t given up hope on me.

I heaved a heavy sigh and met her gaze. “What? What do you want Lea?”

“I want you to pull yourself together. The family reunion is ten days from now; and I think at this rate, you’ve pretty much exhausted the entire male population. Pick Jensen.”

“Nope.” Standing up, I stretched and then walked over to my desk, plopping down on the chair and starting my laptop. “I definitely am not going to the reunion with Jensen. How many more times would you like me to say it?”

“How much ever it takes till that ‘not’ disappears.”

I sighed again. “Listen, maybe it’s better if I don’t show up at the reunion. It’s not like anyone will miss me.”

“I will,” Lea said quietly.

“Apart from you.”

A quirky little smile came onto her face. “Why don’t we go out, you know shopping? I need a lady friend to come along and tell me what looks good on me and what doesn’t so I can wear something completely flattering for the reunion.”

“For that, you should take Jet.” I grinned at her. “He would be able to tell you which dresses he likes you in.”

“I want to surprise him though, so you’re coming with me whether you like it or not.” 

The End

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