Chapter Eight (Part 4)

Whether it was my need to annoy him further, or just because of my natural curiosity; I found a reason to follow him. It didn’t take me long to find Jensen, sitting on the same couch I’d been lying down on with his legs stretched in front of him; his feet on the coffee table.

I put my hands on my hips and snapped, “Hey, it’s not exactly polite to walk out on a lady during the middle of a conversation.”

He didn’t even make an effort to look at me, picking up the remote and going through random channels. Nevertheless, he murmured, “Yeah well, the conversation was of no further interest to me.”

Storming over, I snatched the remote out of his hand and muted the music video that was playing in the background. “Well, it was to me so you should respect my interests.”

His eyes turned icy, his mouth twisting in suppressed words that were on the brink of escape. I was seriously getting on his nerves, that much was obvious. However, when Jensen spoke once again, his voice was cool. “Why do you want to know anyways?”

“Because you’ve always kept this part of your life a secret from me, from Nancy and from Drew. We’re your friends so we deserve to know.”

His eyes grew large, and his lips pulled up into a smile; a hopeful one.

“I mean they’re your friends. I…I’m only asking cause they wanted me to ask you. And Lea wants to know more about you too.”

The smile vanished and whatever sense of accomplishment that he’d gained was gone. “Oh. Well you don’t have to play as messenger, I’ll tell them myself. Now give me back my remote.”


“Come on.”


“Is that your response to everything?” He snarled.


Jensen rolled his eyes. “Fine. You can keep the remote to yourself but at least un-mute it and sit down – you’re blocking my view.”

I did as he instructed, and sat myself down at the farthest corner away from him. I draped the comforter back over me as the air conditioning in the room was rather intense, causing it to be quite chilly.

Silence hung between the two of us. I was really tempted to break it, to ask Jensen another question about his family though I knew he’d probably go into a rage if I did or simply get up and walk away like he’d done before in the kitchen.  

The End

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