Chapter Eight (Part 3)

“I would give anything to trade you Lea for Melanie,” I said, then took a large bite out of the brownie he’d offered me. A part of me envied Jensen for having such an amazing step-sister, and one that was little and not at all spoiled.

He gave me a crooked grin in response. “Lea isn’t that bad, you need to give her some more credit.”

“You’re not the one who’s lived with her for ten years. Trust me, she can be a major pain.”

“And you trust me when I say that Melanie isn’t all that great either. I’ve only had her as my sister for about four years so that’s definitely less than the time you’ve known Lea, but still, she can be a playful little imp.”

Four years? “So…you were fifteen when your dad remarried?”

Jensen nodded, looking away and replied in a bored voice, “Yeah, I was.”

I actually wanted to know more about him, about his family and not just because Lea was urging me to ask him. Jensen had always kept his mouth shut when it came to talking about his family and I was beginning to hint that maybe he didn’t like being part of the family he’d pushed into, even though he loved Melanie so much.

“It’s not exactly what I would call a normal family,” I said, remembering what he’d said in the past. Immediately, I regretted it though when he shot me an irritated glare. I hadn’t meant for it to come out sounding sarcastic but that’s exactly what I’d done.

“I’m sorry,” I apologized quickly. “I honestly didn’t mean it that way.” Hold on, did I actually feel guilty?

Jensen seemed to be thinking along the same lines, his eyebrows raised. “Yeah, well. You were only saying the truth.” All of a sudden, he stood up and without another word, walked out the kitchen fast. I sat there, stunned, staring at my half-eaten brownie. What had that been about? 

The End

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